Estate Trail App

On Thursday 22nd March, Resource Productions commenced the Estate Trail App (abbreviated as ETA Slough on social media) at SEGRO HQ as 8 teams set out across Slough Trading Estate on an interactive digital trail created in collaboration with Mix Up Reality. The treasure trail, mapped out with eleven stops, utilised actors and QR technology to introduce local businesses to the history of the estate, which is two years away from celebrating its centenary.

Over the past three months, Resource Productions and Mix Up Reality had worked with ten local businesses to create and commission digital artwork that explored the heritage of Slough Trading Estate. Oliver Laurenson-Gore, who led the project at Resource Productions said: “This has been a fantastic project that we have wanted to do as a local social enterprise for 20 years. I hope businesses and the wider community will engage with this unique digital art installation. I’m sure the competitive spirit of Slough businesses will make this a unique competition.” The trail is now accessible for members of the public —  using the ‘Zappar’ app, available on all mobile devices, lamppost banners with the ‘Zappar’ symbol can be ‘scanned’ which will

Teams from across Slough competed to win prizes such as 4 cinema tickets courtesy of Pinewood Studios as well as £500 to support local creative charities; Aik Saath – Empoword, SWIPE Music, Arts Excite, Art Beyond Belief and Resource Youth Film. Renowned checkpoints included a stop about AP Films / Century 21 (the creators of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlett and more) and a scan of the 1948 Olympic Torch from the Slough Museum collection.

Resource Productions worked in partnership with HOME Slough, Arts Council England, SEGRO and Slough Borough Council. Neil Impiazzi, Partnership Development Director, SEGRO, said:“Using digital technology in this engaging way to celebrate the rich heritage of the Slough Trading Estate and the inventive and cutting-edge work taking place there today is an initiative we are proud to support. The event brought together a wide range of customers and stakeholders from across Slough for a stimulating and enjoyable afternoon. The Slough Trading Estate is an integral part of Slough and we are pleased to be able to offer an opportunity to explore its history in this unique way.”

The overall winners of the launch event were a team from CLEAN (based at 774 Buckingham Avenue) who represented Aik Saath – Empoword. The lamppost banners will remain up for the foreseeable future, so any community or voluntary group can take part in the trail for free! 

Want to get involved?

Visit - download a map and start scanning at each of the checkpoints.

Supported by HOME Slough, Arts Council England, Slough Borough Council, SEGRO and Mix Up Reality. 



Ten simple steps to get started!

STEP 1: Download the Zappar App (from App Store or Google Play)

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: Go to “Map” to find the checkpoint closest to you currently

STEP 4: When you approach a checkpoint scan the area at the bottom where it says “scan me”

STEP 5: Launch the Zappar App on your phone or tablet

STEP 6: With the app, hold the scanning icon over the “scan me” area at the bottom of the lamppost

STEP 7: Wait for the scan to load (this can take a couple of seconds)

STEP 8: View the content and enjoy!

STEP 9: Go back to click on the “Quiz” icon and answer the question

STEP 10: Take a photo at the checkpoint, upload it to social media and use #etaslough