We enable social change through art and film, whilst diversifying the creative industries
We enable people who you don’t often see represented in mainstream media, to make art and films that will better reflect them, and to voice their views and challenge others’ opinions and attitudes of them. This will result in the organic diversification of the range of people who are then able to make high quality content and, by default, those working in the creative industries. Along the way we will increase awareness of the marginalised views of those in society who may not otherwise have access to the resources needed to raise the profile and build awareness of their needs.

BFI Berkshire Skills for Screen Cluster 

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery via the British Film Institute – from the 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2026 we will be working with a range of partners including The University of Reading, Shinfield Studios, Bedlam Film Productions and all six Berkshire local councils to devise and deliver a programme of screen sector training activities.

ACE National Portfolio Organisation 

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England – from the 1st April 2023 we became a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) with a focus on our local community in Slough, Berkshire and access to digital media. We hope to develop the local arts infrastructure and provide access to creative digital resources for local people.

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